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[OSB] platform An XR Enterance to Spatial Webs
[OSB] Stationary for general spatial websites and webapps.
Walk & Browse [W&B] for special usage of spatial websites and webapps.
[OSB] Entertainment to host spatial browser games and stories
Out of Screen Border Platform | A Spatial Webapp Beyond your Device Screen OSB is a comprehensive No-code web builder platform which is developed by SMARTARCA Group. Through this platform, you can develop spatial websites, webapps and browser games without programming skills which will have following features:

  • Augmented reality view
  • Virtual reality 360 view
  • The ability to create a peer-to-peer network so that different users can communicate with each other in a protected and safe way on the website.


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Create Your Static Spatial Webapp Without Programming SKills.

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Create Your Dynamic Spatial Webapp Without Programming SKills.


Play Spatial Browser Game and Watch extraordinary 3D stories With Your ending.